Case Studies

Communicating with Consumers Across Touch Points: Leveraging Behavioral Data Effectively

A client was challenged by their limitation of understanding their user base and leveraging their consumer data effectively. This client offers products on their website and on a mobile app where users consume content, watch videos, register to play games, and watch live streaming content. See the results the client achieved with implementing the AdVantage Consumer Intelligence Solution.


Advanced Audience Segmentation and Increased Digital Ad Revenue

By implementing our AdVantage Consumer Intelligence Solution, one media and entertainment company saw a significant increase in digital ad revenue through more advanced audience segmentation. The solution's value-based segmentation enabled the monetization of undersold ad inventory and tripled CPMs on sold-out ad segments. See how we did it...


Increased Acquisition Performance for a Major News Media Organization

A major news media organization wanted to increase the value of their acquired audience. See their success in this case study as a result of using the AdVantage Consumer Intelligence Solution.


Boosted Site Engagement and Ad Revenue for a Major News Media Company

The editorial department of a major news media company wanted to test the impact of two content strategies before changing their content approach. See how they succeeded using the AdVantage Consumer Intelligence Solution.


Quaero’s AdVantage Analytics Maximized Paid Social for a Major News & Entertainment Company

A major news and entertainment company needed to validate and quantify the performance of paid social campaigns in attracting and retaining engaged audiences. See how the client used AdVantage to increase their ROI, site engagement & sharing.



Quaero's Guide to Analytics

Whether you’re an advanced analytics expert or a data management newbie, this guide has something for you. It includes techniques and tactics from our subject matter experts.


White Papers

Four Ways to Capitalize on the Future of Ad Sales

The future is all about the changing patterns of content consumption and evolving opportunities to leverage content in context. It’s about the person consuming content – on the device they choose, when they choose, and where they choose. But, more importantly, it’s about capturing readers when the brand’s story is most relevant. Your future success in ad sales depends on guiding brands into the future, one leap at a time.


Customer Data Platforms For Modern Direct Marketing

Direct marketers’ needs are changing faster than marketing services providers can keep up. Systems designed when computers were run by specialized technicians in air-conditioned rooms are no longer enough in a world where marketers expect instant access and total control over their data from a smart phone. This paper explains what direct marketers should look for in systems to meet their needs for modern multi-channel marketing.



Quaero SlideShares

The brain absorbs information at a higher level when you combine both text and images. We've created SlideShares to help you better understand topics such as boosting digital revenue, big data, and the most efficient way of finding a DMP.



Boost Engagement with Twitter

They say "the early bird gets the worm". See how a company of any size can boost their engagement with the popular social media platform- #Twitter


Beacon Technology

What is Beacon Technology? How is it used? Get the answers in our easy Infographic.


1st, 2nd & 3rd Party Data: What's the Difference?

There are so many types of data in the world today. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Party Data....what is the difference? See the breakdown in this infographic.


Checklists & Tipsheets

Tipsheet: 10 Tips to Grow Your Registered User Base

Registered users and subscribers means more first party data for your organization and higher ROI across the board. Registering users can be difficult to master on your own, so here are 10 tips to grow that most valuable user base.


Multi-Screen Optimization Checklist

It’s not enough to have content suited for someone who only sits at their desktop anymore. To truly engage audiences and win “the screen wars,” you must have content that is optimized across every platform. Ensure you’re doing all you can to optimize, keep track with this checklist.